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Prosper by owning preferred equity in the company and VC Fund that is positioned to become the primary source of pre-IPO quality deal flow for Wall Street. Make one investment and participate in potentially countless future IPOs.

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  A Message From Commonwealth Capital CEO,

Timothy D. Hogan​

​Initial Incubation Complete

We have created the first ever utility with the standard corporate engineering protocols used to effectively incubate start-up and early stage companies into the “quality deal flow” investors seek.

In the summer of 2016, we, at Commonwealth Capital, acquired a controlling interest in Sprocket Network, LLC and seed funded it to a fully operational status. We are now raising additional capital to bring this to its full potential. Is this the next big thing? We think so.

Automating an Arduous Process

As with any firm seeking to increase its efficiency, we at Commonwealth Capital sought to automate the “cherry picking” process for attracting and capitalizing quality deal flow for our firm. We started this process of automated corporate and social engineering as far back as 2001, right after the “tech wreck.” The Sprocket Network™ is the final result of our efforts.

Solving Confusion

When Congress passed the JOBS Act of 2012, we knew that many novices and so called experts would unwittingly rush into the highly complex and regulated field of corporate finance. Indeed, a lot of players have entered the marketplace and have served only to confuse the entrepreneur. On the other hand we bring order to chaos with our public New Business Network™ and private Sprocket Network™. The New Business Network™ gives everyone a bird’s eye view of the “Big Picture” for clarification. The online private Sprocket Network™ is the incubator that enables entrepreneurs to transform their companies into the quality deal flow that investors, high-caliber directors, sales distributors, as well as other professional service providers, seek.

Seeding and Cultivating our Own Orchard

We have a unique system. The diagnostic rating from our “Invest-ability Survey™” enables us to efficiently “cherry pick” companies that are considered quality deal flow and are worthy of a pre-IPO investment (cash or services) in our private investment fund for an eventual Wall Street IPO or strategic sale. Unlike other venture capital firms who outright reject start-up & early stage companies, we do not reject… we recycle. For those companies that have yet to qualify, we lead them through the Sprocket Blueprint™ automated corporate engineering process. The Sprocket Blueprint™ enables entrepreneurs to re-engineer their legal, operational, and financial structures to mitigate investment risk and simultaneously build a social following, which is critical to becoming “quality deal flow.” Once accomplished, they are re-considered for investment by our VC Fund, and may be attractive to other investors, as well.

Traffic Driven by Professional Associates

Our process is simple. We have a network! Director and Enterprise Associates are key influencers that drive entrepreneurs to the Sprocket Network™. Director Associates are professionals (serial entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants, IT engineers, etc.) that have established practices of servicing start-up and early stage companies but desire to elevate to Directorship status. Enterprise Associates are companies (TV & radio stations, IT, law and accounting firms, marketing and insurance companies, etc.) that have the ability to reach the highly fragmented entrepreneurial market, but have yet to fully monetize that reach. Director and Enterprise Associates have a direct benefit in facilitating greater opportunities for the services they provide, as well as the possibility of receiving cash and equity participation as compensation from incubated companies. They are our direct connection within the small business community.

Extreme Differentials and Barriers to Entry for Competitors

We have automated and commoditized yet another disruptive application critical to the success of start-up and early stage companies. One of our key differentials is that, as a utility platform, we compete with no-one as we incubate for every-one. The many differentials and barriers to entry of our business model continue to escalate. This is taking on a life of its own, and should serve to make the Sprocket Network™ the primary source for quality deal flow for Venture Capital firms, Wall Street investment banks, and for accredited investors, as well. The New Business Network™ and Sprocket Network™ platforms can enable any company to literally go from Idea to IPO.

Offering Preferred Equity to Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Return

The Private Placement Memorandum for a convertible preferred equity investment in Sprocket Network, LLC, should address all your questions about the investment, but suffice it to say we’ve done everything we can to lower your investment risk while maximizing your potential return. The business plan and model is fully disclosed within our Private Placement Memorandum. Please take the time necessary to study the Private Placement Memorandum, enabling you to make an informed investment decision.

We Love What We Do

The commercialization of innovation benefits society in many ways. However, most would be shocked at the number of innovations unable to be commercialized due to the lack of available capital for start-up and early stage companies. We do what we do because we love to drive financial and human capital to facilitate the innovations of many pre-IPO companies and secure equity in each as we go. We know we will make a significant positive impact on society, and hope to prosper in the process. If we own the standardized process and become the primary source of quality deal flow for Wall Street, guess what we really own?

You’re Invited to Join Us.

Our goal is to allow individual investors an opportunity to invest in our unique company. Download and read the Private Placement Memorandum now.


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What Our Members Say

Shane Melaugh

“Creating a standard to measure Entrepreneurial opportunities then categorizing and adapting to the matrix for what funds are looking for in their refined search for investment is exactly what's needed”

~Joe Zubrzycki
Partner IN Network Group

Shane Melaugh

“The Sprocket Network is a brilliant, step-by-step process that provides a tremendous benefit to business owners”

~Brian Mellett
B Green Consulting